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7 Foods You Should Avoid While Having Your Period

Ladies start craving all kinds of foods through their PMS and period but shouldn’t fulfill all those cravings; not only to prevent weight gain, but also to prevent making their period and accompanying pain worse. The foods mentioned below will bloat you, decrease your energy or worsen your mood so avoid them as much as you can.

7. Junk Foods

Processed foods, French fries and desserts are filled with hydrogenated oils that cause inflammation and make your menstruation pain symptoms worse.

6. Sugar

During menstruation, blood sugar levels fluctuate naturally. When you consume more sugar, you contribute to more of the fluctuation with extreme increases after a sugary meal and extreme decreases after it. Moreover, sugar may cause more cramping and is inflammatory. Instead of eating a dessert to satisfy your sweet tooth, eat dates or figs which have natural sugars, thus will not mess with your blood sugar levels as much.

5. Dairy

Dairy products make your bloating worse, aggravate cramping and increase inflammation as they contain arachidonic acid. Therefore, stay away from cheese, milk and ice cream no matter how tempted you feel.

4. Fatty Meat

Like dairy products, the fat of meat contains arachidonic acid which boosts the production of prostaglandins which induce more cramping and uterine contractions. In addition, saturated fats cause breast tenderness and bloating.

3. High-Sodium Foods

Bloating that comes with periods is caused by water retention. Eating salty foods that are filled with sodium increases this water retention; therefore, staying away from salty chips and canned food is highly recommended.

2. White Grains

White bread and white rice break down to sugar quickly and thus mess up with blood sugar levels just like sugar. This results in more cravings and inflammation.

1. Coffee

The rich amounts of caffeine in coffee constrict the blood vessels that feed the uterus. This causes bloating and pain that can be prevented by switching to tea as it contains less caffeine.

Foods You Should Avoid While Having Your Period

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