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7 Effective Ways To Tighten Flappy Skin After Losing Weight

How do you solve the problem of flappy loose skin after pregnancy or massive weight loss ? If you are wondering how to tighten your skin after reaching your ideal weight to fit in your cloth and look gorgeously in shape then you will find this article of great benefit . We will teach you about 7 effective ways to tighten your loose skin after losing weight.

7- Use Skin Firming Creams .

Skin firming creams is an effective way to tighten your loose skin , they give best results if used during the diet or pregnancy , consider creams that are rich with vitamin E, A and C which are needed for the production of collagen that help the skin to be elastic and firm .

6- Use Collagen Creams .

Consider using collagen cream products that are specifically designed for loose flappy skin after loosing weight , although it can be a bit costly but they are very effective and can tighten your skin in a much shorter time than any other way ,

5- Consider Lifting Weights .

Lifting weights is one of the sure ways to make the skin look tight and sexy after losing weight , the muscles that will be formed under the skin will tighten it and give the body a good shape , if you don’t want to look over masculine then just opt to lift weights for 15 minutes three times a week .

4- Stay Hydrated .

Healthy skin needs to be constantly hydrated , making sure to consume at least 8 glasses of water everyday will keep your skin hydrated , healthy and more able to tighten itself in shorter time .

3- Practice Yoga .

Yoga will help you get a nice shape , get more flexible , and get a relief from stress , start looking for yoga classes that you can do at home even , but the thing with yoga and most other exercising regimes is that you will need to start slow and you will be surprised within only a few weeks of regular practicing how flexible you will be .

2- Increase Your Consumption Of Lean protein.

Increasing your consumption of lean protein will help you tighten your loose skin after losing weight because it help building lean muscles which will make you look more toned and in a better shape , lean protein also stimulate the production of collagen that is needed for the elasticity of the skin .

1- Oil Massage And Sea Salt Scrub.

Massaging is really important to tighten the skin , because it help the blood to flow to this area and eventually cause the skin to be healthier . massaging with a mixture of castor oil , lavender oil , coconut oil and olive oil will help you achieve your goal faster as they will deeply moisturize and nourish your skin , scrubbing your body with sea salt before the oil massage will give best results .

Tighten Flappy Skin After Losing Weight

7 Effective Ways To Tighten Flappy Skin After Losing Weight

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