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6 Thing Introverts Are Too Polite to Say to Their Coworkers

Being an introvert is not considered a good trait. It is even considered a psychological illness by some people. However, this is not the case. Introverts are able to communicate and interact with people effectively just like extroverts. They are also able to form solid friendships like extroverts. They are just careful about what they say and with whom the talk. Here are some of the things that introverts would like to say to their coworkers but are too polite to:

1- Do not ask us to chip in for a birthday present. It is common to find people at work going around asking their coworkers to chip in for someone’s birthday present. Introverts do not like this sort of behavior. If an introvert’s friend’s birthday is nearing in, they will make proper arrangements. So if you are working with an introvert do not ask him/her to pay for a birthday present for someone they don’t care about.

2- We like expressing things by writing instead of saying them out loud. We rather use text messages or emails for communicating what we want instead of talking. We find conversations with people we do not know well annoying and disturbing so we use writing.

3- We do not want you to give us presents unless you are a close friend. Introverts feel burdened by presents from people they are not close to, and are even more burdened by what is expected from them after receiving these gifts.

4- We hate mindless chatting. So, unless what you are going to talk about has real meaning or makes a worth noting difference, it is best not to talk at all.

5- If you really want to be friends with us, try HARDER! Try to figure out what we like or dislike. Watch us closely but discreetly. Strike deep meaningful conversations with us about topics we like. We would not mind to be friends with you then.

6- We hate social events. Unless you are someone really close to us, do not invite us to a wedding or a party. We would really hate to be forced to put on a fun loving façade and act like we couldn’t love anything more than what we are doing.

Thing Introverts Are Too Polite to Say to Their Coworkers

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