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6 Surprising Benefits of VapoRub You Didn’t Know

Unless you reach for that blue over-the-counter container to rub some Vicks over your chest to use it as a decongestant; you might only open it to admire its smell. If you didn’t know the next uses of Vicks VapoRub, you are missing up on a lot of benefits which will prove worthy in time.

6. Keep Your Furniture Pee Free

In case your dog is still potty training, apply some VapoRub on your carpets, curtains and furniture to prevent your pet from urinating on them.

5. Relieve Headaches

Headaches are quite disturbing if you don’t have pain killers to relieve them quickly. Nonetheless, if you have VaboRub, rub some on your temples and forehead, then let the menthol smell reduce the pressure in your head and cure the headache.

4. Work as a Mosquito Repellent

Vicks contains ingredients like menthol, eucalyptus and camphor which mosquitoes hate. Apply VapoRub on your arms and legs to keep mosquitoes and their bites away from them.

3. Stop Coughs in Their Tracks

Before sleeping, rub a lot of VaboRub on your feet then wear socks over them. This will help you enjoy a cough free night within few minutes and will make you relieved from coughing in the morning.

2. Heal Cuts Quickly

Did you cut yourself or a splinter entered your hand, and you don’t have alcohol swabs near you? Vicks can work as a fungal disinfectant so putting it on cuts or splinters will make them fungi free and will speed up healing.

1. Prevent Your Cat from Scratching Everything

Cats love scratching soft and hard surfaces but they despise the smell of Vicks. Hence, apply some of the magic ointment on the surface of your costly items to keep your cat from adorning them with its claws.

Benefits of VapoRub You Didn't Know

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