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6 Strange signs of iron deficiency in your body

Iron is one of the most important minerals in the body as it helps your body to perform all its functions. In addition, it strengthens the immune system and it can protect you from diseases as a result. Not to mention its importance in the synthesis of Hemoglobin, which is needed for producing red blood cells that transfer oxygen to all the cells of the body. The lack of this nutrient leads to anemia and many health problems. Here are the signs that warn you of iron deficiency other than fatigue and brittle nails.

– Chapped lips: Many do not realize that chapped lips may be a sign of iron deficiency in the body, and it often affects the corners of the mouth leading to difficulty at eating foods and opening the mouth.

Inflammation of the tongue: Iron deficiency plays a major role in causing inflammation of the tongue which appears in swelling of the tongue and the change of its colour.

– Craving ice: It may be shocking a little bit, but the lack of iron in the body increases the desire to eat and chew ice cubes. Experts say that the reason for that is to ease the inflammation of the tongue and ice contributes to activate the body and to give it vitality.

– Tingling of the feet: When you feel pain accompanied by tingling in your feet, then you must make sure of your iron levels as studies have shown that iron deficiencies has relationship with these pains.

Hair loss: Iron deficiency in the body especially when it turns to anemia causes hair loss in an unusual way.

– Infections and inflammation: Finally, when your body lacks iron, your immune system will become weak and you will be more vulnerable to diseases and infections.

signs of iron deficiency in your body

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