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6 Simple Tips to Give Your Feet The Care They Deserve

Feet are probably one of the most important parts of our bodies. They carry our weight and help us move and balance. However, they are the last place people consider taking care of, although this care is nothing much. Here you will learn how to take care of your feet simply.

1- Wash your feet regularly and thoroughly. And I mean REAL washing with soapy water and rubbing between the toes, not just splashing with water like people usually do. After that, dry them gently with a cotton cloth. This will protect your feet from common feet problems, like fungus and bacteria that cause nasty odors.

2- After washing your feet, moisturize them. You do not need anything fancy for that. Usual hand creams or even a little olive oil will work just fine.

3- Make sure that your shoes are comfortable enough for you. For example, if you like high heels, wear shoes with wide high heels that support your weight well. Avoid shoes with pointed toes or over two inches high heels.

4- Make sure your shoes support the arch of your feet. So flip-flops and completely flat shoes should be out of your list. The reason is that shoes that provide arch support protect you from flat feet and other foot problems.

5- Change the socks and the pair of shoes you wear often. This will give them time to air out and prevent any chance of developing fungus or odors.

6- Make your own pedicure at home. You can not guarantee the cleanness of instruments and tools they use for pedicures at beauty saloons. They might not be clean enough, and they might transfer bacteria from other clients’ feet to yours.

Tips to Give Your Feet The Care They Deserve

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