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6 Secret Tricks for Cutting 500 Calories from Your Daily Calorie Intake

There are many weight loss diet programs around the world. However, no matter how strange or unorthodox these programs can get, the most successful way of losing weight will always be slashing your calorie intake. Most weight loss diets recommend consuming about 1400 – 1800 calories a day. But you can cut extra 500 calories from them, and here is how to do it.

1- Fidgeting is a very good method of burning away extra calories. Try to make a habit of fidgeting. For example, tap your feet to your favorite song as you play it in your head.

2- Avoid eating while watching TV. The problem is not just in it being so mind-involving that you eat without realizing how much you eat, but you will watch a lot of commercials about junk food and sweets which will stimulate your appetite.

3- Avoid nuts. Surely nuts are healthy, but they are so tiny that one ore two, or even a fistful of them won’t be enough. They are also loaded with calories. Try to substitute them with fat-free popcorn, and if you are eating them for the nutrients and minerals, take supplements instead.

4- Take a good look at your salad. Salad is originally a healthy food, but somehow it was changed over time into something loaded with fat and carbs. So make salad yourself and avoid the fattening dressings and toppings.

5- Eat in smaller and even “greener” plates. Smaller so that you wouldn’t think that your meal is small and want to eat more. But what about greener? Green plates will make you take bigger servings of rich in fiber greens and smaller servings of carbs like rice or mashed potatoes.

6- Avoid eating out. Eating out and takeouts is probably the mother of all weight gain reasons. Food at restaurants is served with loads of fat and fattening toppings and loads of sodium and salt as well. Make your own food at home to be able to tell exactly how much fat and carbs is in your food

Cutting 500 Calories from Your Daily Calorie Intake

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