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6 Reasons Why You Should Wear Makeup

The usage of makeup has started with the start of civilization, and the industry of cosmetics is one industry that will forever be prosperous. Because, it is in every woman’s nature to want to wear makeup. However, many people have been arguing recently that women should not wear makeup since it damages skin on the long run, and that wearing makeup is a sort of lying. To those people, here are the reasons why women should wear makeup.

1- It makes you more beautiful! It is so obvious that we don’t need to say it, but it would be strange not to! Who would not want to be more beautiful?

2- It hides your skin flaws, both permanent and temporary. If you are so beautiful that you usually don’t need makeup, there are bound to be some days when you are going to need it. If you have dark circles you can’t treat no matter what you do, makeup can hide them.

3- It lifts your spirit. One of the most common advices given to women who feel down is to put on some makeup! Because they can’t cry or it will be ruined, and the act of applying it will relax them and help them deal with the situation better.

4- Makeup helps you make a statement and reflects your personality. With how you wear your make up you can deliver a certain massage or tell people certain things about you.

5- It treats and improves your skin. Makeup now is not just a cover for flaws. Many makeup products are made with components that treats skin problems, nurtures your skin, or protects you from the sun.

6- It boosts your confidence like nothing else does. A woman’s best tool to boost her confidence is and will always be skillfully applied makeup

Should Wear Makeup

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