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6 Reasons Why Using Shea Butter Daily for Your Beauty Is a Must

Shea butter is taken from the nuts of karite trees that grow in Africa in some African countries like Guinea, Senegal Uganda and South Sudan. It has been used for manufacturing some foods, one of which is the whole world’s sweetheart; choclate. But for a decade now, people have been swearing by the benefits of Shea butter for hair and skin. These are the reasons why Shea butter is necessary for every woman that takes care of her beauty:

1- Shea butter is an essential hair care product every woman must have. It preserves the moisture in your hair, and gives your curls natural shine and smoothness. It also moisturizes your scalp and rids it of dandruff, and with regular use it gives your hair more volume. Moreover, it reduces the frizz (and GOD women do hate frizz).

2- The skin of your lips is sensitive. It also takes a lot of damage from the food (and the workout they do throughout the day), and the weather changes. To cure the damage your lips take, rub them with some Shea butter.

3- Stretch marks are a nightmare many women face. Until recently, it was thought that there is no cure for them except Laser or Retin-A. But now, many who tried Shea butter swear that it made a significant progress in curing stretch marks. It would be expected with Shea butter’s rich content of Healing elements and vitamins.

4- Shea butter is also rich in catechins and antioxidants that repairs your skin and heal the premature aging caused by the sun.

5- Many ladies who suffer from wrinkles and fine lines have testified that applying Shea butter on their skin for about 4 – 6 weeks led to reducing these wrinkles and improving the strength and elasticity of their skin.

6- Off course, usual skin care products strengthen and moisturize your skin, but do not cure inflammations. However, Shea butter does both. It has anti-inflammatory agents so it soothes your skin and relieves the pain cause by stings from bugs and mosquito bites.

Shea Butter Daily for Your Beauty Is a Must

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