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6 Reasons Why Sleep Deprivation Can Be Hazardous to Your Health

It is common for everyone to have days when they need to pull an all nighter. We’ve all been there. Whether it is cramming for an exam, or watching over a crying baby, or even meeting a deadline, we all had to sleep few hours sometimes at our lives. However doing this often can be hazardous to health because of the following reasons:

1- Lack of sleep can lead to obesity. Sleep is the time when our bodies produce leptin which is hormone that controls how full you feel. So lack of sleep means less leptin which equals feeling more hungry than you need to be which will make you eat more.

2- Since sleep enhances your immunity, lack of sleep makes you more vulnerable to diseases. So, if it is common to you to catch cold and flu or get infected by any common sickness that goes around, then maybe you are not sleeping enough hours.

3- lack of sleep can make you develop serious psychological and mental illnesses like anxiety and depression. It is not unexpected as one night without sleep can make you feel like hell.

4- Lesser sleep can lead to escalated heart rate and blood pressure. Also lack of sleep makes your body less able to fight free radicals that cause inflammation and cause more problems to your heart.

5- Sleep deprivation can cause infertility. In a study that interviewed couples who are trying to conceive, it was found that lack of sleeping is related to having lower levels of reproductive hormones.

6- Lack of sleep can lead to having or developing type 2 diabetes. Because sleeping for enough hours gives our bodies a chance to process glucose in the right way. So lack of sleep can mess with how our bodies process glucose and thus leads to diabetes.

Sleep Deprivation Can Be Hazardous to Your Health

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