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6 Reasons Why It Is Good to Be an Extrovert

First of all, what is being an extrovert? Or how do you recognize extroverts? Extroverts are what you label “a people’s person”. It does not mean that they cannot be quite nor are chatterboxes. It just means they love to interact more with others and have a good impression on them. We will discuss here why is being an extrovert is a good quality.

1- Rather than befriending others over phone or internet, extroverts like to interact with people head on. This is actually a good quality since meeting others in person makes a relationship more credible and genuine.

2- They value and understand immediate gratification better than others. They do not like waiting for years before getting something (for example: a trip somewhere, a new car…etc) and prefer to look for faster ways to get it. The expression goes like this: “the sooner, the better” right?

3- As an extrovert you are more competent and successful at your career. Since you value good conversation, you do not want to waste it in what little fee time you manage to get while working. So instead, you concentrate on your work during working hours and leave the fun to when it is time to have fun.

4- Extroverts are known for being flexible and versatile. Since they are extroverts, they communicate with others a lot. This means they adapt quickly and naturally when interacting with other different personalities and can handle different modes of speech.

5- They are natural born stars. Extroverts like to seize spotlights and get other’s attention. If you are an extrovert, then you are adored by your friends and family and people like being around you.

6- They are assertive. They like to act quickly and do not like to hesitate or wait. If you are an extrovert, then you try to find quick solutions for the problems you face instead of waiting for these problems to be solved – or escalate – with time.

Be an Extrovert

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