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6 Obvious Signs You Are Not Following a Good Diet

When people who lost a lot of weight and kept it were asked about the reasons of their success, they answered: “it wasn’t just a phase for us, but a whole change of lifestyle”. We know already that gaining weight is a result of years of wrong eating habits and lack of exercise, and therefore the change may take a long time as well. In short we need to know if the diets we are following are worth applying.

1- If you believe that the new diet is a drastic change from what you eat and how you eat it, then don’t think you can follow it for long. Change doesn’t come overnight so don’t expect to be able to apply vegetarian diets when you are not vegetarian, and don’t expect to stick to a diet that needs long hours of cooking either if you don’t spend that much time on cooking.

2- Diets that don’t promote exercise are not good diets. Exercise is necessary even if you are not on a diet. It improves your body functions, increases your stamina and prevents several problems such as insomnia, stress and insulin resistance.

3- If your overall health isn’t getting better, then you are certainly not following a good diet. A good diet limits your intake of all health-risk causing foods and habits. So if you are still experiencing all health problems you have been experiencing in the past such as ulcers, gas, poor dental health…etc, then you should look for a better diet.

4- Diets that make you increasingly hungry, moody and miserable are not good diets that you expect to apply for long. Losing weight shouldn’t make you unhappy and it is not a torture. It is more about making your life healthier than making you hungrier.

5- Bad diets are so restrictive that you aren’t able to eat with your loved ones even if it is occasionally.

6- It is a fact that we sometimes eat not because we are hungry, but because those around us are eating. However, a diet that shuts you off from the rest of the world altogether is not a good diet.

Signs You Are Not Following a Good Diet

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