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6 Natural Hair Straightening Remedies That Work Wonders

Who don’t wish to have straight and soft hair with a thick volume ? almost no one , and that is why the chemical hair straightening products are in a high demand , however the chemicals included in such products have a negative effect on the wellbeing of your hair , Natural hair straightening remedies are safer and effective if used on regular bases , Take a look below on the 6 Natural Hair Straightening Remedies That Work Wonders and have no side effects like the chemical ones below .

6- Coconut Milk With Lemon Juice .

The coconut milk have an effective soft touch on your hair , mix one cup of coconut milk with the juice of two big lemons and leave it in the fridge for over night , you should notice a creamy layer forming on top of the glass , take that cream and apply it to your hair , wrap your hair up with a warm towel for one hour and then wash and condition .

5- Hot Oil Treatment .

Treating your hair with hot natural oils regularly can make your hair soft and healthier , you will also notice how your hair is starting to look more sleek and straight , mix an equal amount of coconut oil with almond oil, get the mixture warmed up in a boiling water bath and apply the mixture to your scalp , wrap up your hair with a hot towel for at least 45 minutes and wash it off with a mild shampoo , you may not even need to use any conditioner.

4- Natural Hair Conditioning .

You can make your own natural hair conditioning to use after you wash your hair with shampoo to promote its growth and health , the regular usage of the conditioner should make your hair softer and straighter , soak half a cup of flaxseed in three cups of water over night and use that water to rinse your hair with after shampooing .

3- Milk And Egg Yolk Mask .

Both are very beneficial to straighten and nourish your hair , mix quarter a cup of milk with two egg yolks and apply to your hair and scalp , leave it for an hour to allow your hair to absorb the protein and nutrients and then wash with shampoo , you may need to shampoo your hair twice but you will be surprised of the amazing result .

2- Milk And Honey .

Mix milk with honey and mashed banana to make a paste , apply that paste to your hair and allow it to dry up , it may take quit long to dry so leave it for about one and half hours for it to dry before you wash it off with your usual shampoo .

1- Watercress Oil , Honey And Egg .

These three ingredients have a magical effect on the hair , you will be amazed ,you will literally forget any problem you ever suffered from with your hair , mix some watercress seed oil with an adequate amount of honey and a beaten egg , mix all the ingredients together in your food processor and apply the creamy solution that was prepared to your hair , cover with a warm towel and wash after an hour , warming up the mixture will give better results , repeat this process weekly for best results .

Natural Hair Straightening Remedies That Work Wonders

6 Natural Hair Straightening Remedies That Work Wonders

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