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6 Magical Oriental Beauty Tips Which Will Make You Radiant

Tales about the orient speak of the magical beauty that the women of the region enjoy without having to go under plastic surgeries. Learn the secrets behind natural oriental beauty so that you can enjoy the radiant skin and the lush hair you’ve always dreamt about; but don’t forget to apply these tips as explained or else don’t expect results.

1. Oriental Ladies Sleep between 11 pm and 2 am

Skin blemishes and wrinkles are triggered by toxins gathered in the body. The best time for the liver to release these toxins is when you start your sleep between 11pm and 2 am. A balanced sleep pattern will also improve your overall health and thus your beauty improves.

2. 2-in-1 Products Must Be Completely Avoided

Skin and hair care shortcuts with 2-in-1 products are not as effective as specialized products. Eastern women know this and give each step of their beauty ritual its right amount of care.

3. Rely on Nature

Beauty products which are full of chemicals have many negative side effects beside their benefits. However, Asian beauty products are mostly based on natural ingredients which are generally better.

4. Replace Facial Cleansers with Oil

Facial cleansers deprive your face of its natural oils and dry it up. Oils can be used for effective makeup removal and cleansing while protecting your skin from becoming dry.

5. Practice Skin Brushing

Skin brushing is an act where oriental women use a dry brush for brushing their faces. This improves blood flow to the face and makes it more ready to serums and lotions; therefore, giving you a well-toned skin.

6. Make a Routine of Facials

Facials were first invented in Japan with masks made of kimono silk that are saturated with floral and herbal essences. Oriental women until now have a facial not less than every other week.

Magical Oriental Beauty Tips Which Will Make You Radiant

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