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6 Incredible Health Benefits of Rice

Cuisines from all over the world have many dishes that include rice as the main carbohydrate. The spread of rice is because it has a taste acceptable to the majority of people and it is full of energy. Rice also happens to be very nutritious especially when it is eaten whole grain with the bran on. Explore the incredible health benefits of these grains by reading on.

6. Prevents Alzheimer’s

Nutrients available in brown rice in particular help to prevent Alzheimer’s by encouraging neurotransmitters to grow and activating them. Some kinds of rice contain chemicals that fight the effect of free radicals in the brain by activating neuroprotective enzymes.

5. Lacks Cholesterol

Cholesterol is a major disadvantage in many foods but fortunately it isn’t a problem with rice. When cooked right, rice contains little to no amounts of cholesterol and sodium thus making it a healthy ingredient to eat with little worry.

4. A Great Source of Vitamins and Minerals

The most important body functions rely on vitamins and minerals to operate properly. Rice is loaded with nutrients like calcium, thiamine, vitamin D, fiber, riboflavin and niacin. This ensures that the immune system and body metabolism function in a healthy manner.

3. Rice Is a Diuretic

Although rice is a carbohydrate, it can help you lose extra water weight when eaten in moderation because it is a diuretic. This property also helps you get rid of toxins such as uric acid.

2. Prevents Constipation

Whole grains like brown rice are recommended for people who constantly suffer from constipation because such grains are rich in insoluble fibers. The fibers ease bowel movements.

1. Treats Skin Problems

Rice is powdered and made into ointments to be used on irritated skin as the anti-inflammatory properties can sooth inflammation and redness. Rice also contains antioxidants that help to defy aging signs like wrinkling.

Health Benefits of Rice

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