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6 Effective and easy treatments for bad breath

A lot of people suffer from bad breath. Some of them have cavities which may be responsible for bad breath. So, they should visit a dentist for a professional clean. To make sure weather you have bad breath or not you can simply lick your wrist and then wait for saliva to dry. If your wrist has bad smell it means that your breath smells. Here are some ways that will help you get rid of this annoying smell.

*Brush your teeth twice everyday in order to remove the bacteria. You should be sure that you have cleaned them well and that your toothbrush has reached every place to get rid of all the bacteria.

*It’s very important to floss everyday. Of course, brushing and using a mouthwash are very important but they are not enough. You need to floss to get rid of bacteria and plaque that build up between the teeth and cause bad smell.

*As bacteria accumulates on the tongue and causes bad breath, you should brush your tongue daily. You can simply use your toothbrush or a spoon for doing so.

*Drink a lot of water because dryness of the mouth may cause bad breath. Also, water will help to remove any food particles between the teeth that may cause bad breath as well.

*Do not eat strongly flavored foods. For example, garlic, onion and spicy foods are known for causing bad breath. The reason is that these kinds of foods stay in your system for a long time so the smell of them last for many hours after eating them.

*Try oil pulling. It is when you swish a little bit of oil inside your mouth to rid your teeth and tongue of plaque and bacteria. For best results try it with sesame seed oil.

treatments for bad breath

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