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5 Worrisome Health Concerns about Energy Drinks

You feel that you are drained out of energy and look for a boost, so you reach out for an energy drink to recharge your power; better than taking drugs right? Gulping energy drinks is not as safe as you might assume, there are several health concerns raised by the FDA related to drinking such drinks.

There are even some reported cases of death by energy drinks. Here are the top 5 worrisome health issues that can be caused by the consumption of energy drinks:

4. Impairing Cognition
Consuming moderate amounts of caffeine, like 40 mg, can improve the result of a reaction time test. However, the intake of higher amounts of caffeine, like the 80 mg found in a can of Red Bull, impairs cognition in a way that results in a poor performance on a test of reaction time.

3. Increasing the Risk of Miscarriage
Studies show that drinking caffeinated drinks and eating foods rich in caffeine on a daily basis almost doubles the risk of a miscarriage in pregnant women. In other words, staying away from the likes of energy drinks cuts your risk of a miscarriage by half.

2. Triggering Heart Problems
A few years ago, an Australian man was reported with cardiac arrest after drinking eight energy drink cans even though he didn’t show signs of chest pain before. The effects of energy drinks on the heart are not clear. Nonetheless, heart problems may be caused by the fact that energy drinks mess up the balance of salts in the body, and the fact that caffeine may promote the release of calcium by the heart. These factors are both linked to arrhythmia.

1. Leading to Alcohol Injury and Addiction
Caffeine is a pick-me-up ingredient yet it will not make you sober after drinking alcoholic beverages. Mixing energy drinks with alcohols or drinking them side by side will postpone your sleep and make you prone to drinking more alcohols. This increases your chances of an alcohol injury and addiction.

Worrisome Health Concerns about Energy Drinks

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