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5 Ways in Which Technology Can Destroy Your Life

The world we are living in now largely depends on technology. It is no wonder since technology helps us do many things in much less time and with much less efforts compared to what used to be. However, technology managed to create other complications. It is not uncommon now to find relations destroyed and houses wrecked because of technology. I will set here a few examples of how technology can destroy our life:

1- Having spouses or children spending too much time glued to a screen playing video games is an alarming sign. Many statistics about breakups and family problems have shown that reasons for the problem is that the spouses or the kids are spending more and more time on video games and neglecting to even communicate with their families.

2- It is a commonly known fact that spending too much time on computers, mobile phones and video games can cause many serious physical and mental illnesses. Spending too much times on these gadgets can quickly build stress levels and thus lead to anxiety and depression. Many studies have also found a link between spending too much time on mobile phones and developing brain tumors.

3- Many men and women spend a lot of time on internet now doing what they call “mindless flirting” or “getting to know new people”. And the result is obvious. Many houses are broken and relationships are destroyed because of the available chances of cheating on spouses online.

4- Do you know that there is now a medical condition officially called “smartphone addiction”? DO you know that this addiction can lead to problems in concentration and communication with others? And here is the one I find really disturbing: The death toll on the road has escalated to 13% just because of smartphones!

5- Social destruction is one way in which technology is used to make the life of people a living hell. It is now common to find jealous coworkers or acquaintances really considering destroying the lives of those they hate by spreading poisonous rumors about them.

Technology is a tool. You should control it instead of letting it control your life.

Technology Can Destroy Your Life

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