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5 Warning Symptoms of Needing Reading Glasses

Just because you can see fine while you read and the words aren’t blurry, it does not mean that you don’t need reading glasses. Here are symptoms that can tell you need to wear reading glasses.

1. Headaches
Normally, if you strain your eyes while working for too long, you might get a headache, which is why you should take frequent breaks. If that headache hurts near your eyes, then you might be hyperopic or astigmatic. Wearing reading glasses might help you in either cases.

2. It’s never bright enough
If the lamp beside your bed isn’t giving you enough light to read and you have to keep switching on and brightening your lights, then you might be needing reading glasses. This is a common thing that happens as you age, so no need to stress about it.

3. You hold your book at an odd distance
In case you tend to hold your book 12 inches near your eyes or stretch your arms to hold your book far from your eyes, then you most likely need some reading glasses. If you see the words fuzzy when they are held about 14 inches away from your eyes, then you’re in it for reading glasses.

4. You feel sleepy when you are using electric devices
Generally, your eyes work hardest when it’s trying to focus on something like a computer because the light isn’t usual for it. However, if your eyes tend to strain you a whole lot more than normal, it means that you might need some glasses to ease the exhaustion.

5. You are getting old
If you are above 40, then your eyes might begin to lose focus on objects. This is a normal condition that happens as you age which is called Presbyobia. Fortunately though, reading glasses work as an excellent cure for that.

 Warning Symptoms of Needing Reading Glasses

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