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5 Unusual Vegetarian Foods Rich in Protein

When asked about foods rich in protein, people usually answer: meat and dairy products. But what if you are vegetarian and are looking for vegetarian sources for protein? I guess most people would answer then: legumes and nuts contain protein! But are these really the only available sources of vegetarian protein? Here you will read about some rich-in-protein foods you never new about before.

1- Most people know that pasta is rich in complex carbs and avoid it just because of that. Each cup of pasta contains about 10 gm of protein which is more than any type of grains making it an excellent unexpected source of protein. Whole grain pasta has omega 3 acids and fibers beside protein.

2- Potatoes are another type of food that is usually avoided because of its rich carbohydrate content and high calories. Besides the fact that potatoes are loaded with calories only when combined with fat, it is a type of food rich in protein, fibers and vitamins. Each baked potato contains about 7 gm of protein.

3- Seaweed is not just “greens harvested from the sea” as some might think. Seaweed (Nori) is an essential part of Japanese daily diet and it contain many important nutrients like magnesium, folate and protein. Each cup of Wakame contains about 3 gm of protein.

4- If you are looking for the ultimate delicious fruit rich in protein, then your answer is guava. Each cup of guava juice contains about 5 gm of protein. It also contains lycopene, fiber, and 3 times the vitamin C orange has. Make sure to pick ripe guavas because they are even richer in nutrients.

5- Most cultures – except oriental ones – aren’t really familiar with buckwheat as a source of protein or even as a type of food. Buckwheat can be eaten naturally as groats or you can make recipes of its flour. Each cup of buckwheat groats contains 6 grams of proteins besides fiber, magnesium, iron and potassium and it tastes amazing in a vegetarian burger.

Vegetarian Foods Rich in Protein

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