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The 5 Most Unexpected Healthy Non-Vegetable Foods Ever

What usually comes to mind when discussing healthy foods is vegetables, especially leafy green vegetables and the ones used to make salad. However, it may come as a surprise to you that the healthiest foods ever are not vegetables, green or not. We will tell you here what are these foods and why they are the healthiest.

1- Sweet potatoes are some of the healthiest non vegetable foods you may ever find. They contain potassium, copper, dietary fiber, iron, manganese, vitamin B6, a 30% of the needed daily amount of vitamin C and more than 250% of vitamin A, and many antioxidants that make it a necessary element in fighting free radicals. The fact that it has low calories is an added bonus.

2- Rice is an essential component of the diet of many cultures around the world. The problem is that the process of making white rice of brown rice strips the rice of all the useful nutrients. Brown rice has vitamin B3, B1, B6, manganese, phosphorus and iron and necessary dietary fiber and the necessary fatty acids. It is a great food for lowering cholesterol and fighting cancer.

3- Pickled foods are usually something you don’t think of when thinking about health and healthy foods. However, sauerkraut is an exception. Unpasturized sauerkraut has lactic acids that improve digestion and balance acidity levels in your stomach. Moreover, harmful bacteria is warded of with lactic acid.

4- Coconut is a healthy fruit. Young coconut is even healthier. It contains sterile water identical to the plasma in your blood. In short drinking this water is the same as getting blood transfusion.

5- Ginger is not just a tasty fragrant spice; it is a healthy non vegetable food as well. It is a natural remedy for many medical conditions. It fights odors, enhances blood circulation, soothes arthritis pains, lowers cholesterol and fights cancer with its high contents of antioxidants.

 Healthy Non-Vegetable Foods

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