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5 Types of Food That Suppress Your Appetite

Almost every woman in the world have felt conscious about her weight at some point of her life. And what is the equation you try to establish when trying to lose weight? How to eat enough to be full but at the same time consume less calories. We will help you with the answer by telling you about some types of food that suppress appetite and make you feel full.

1- Potatoes are one type of food that suppresses your appetite because it contains complex starch molecules, thus they will need longer time to digest and will make you full for hours. Problem is, people think potatoes are fattening which is not true unless you combine it with fat which happens when eating fries or mashed potatoes combined with cream or butter.

2- Eggs are one of the foods that highly suppress appetite as proven by researchers. This is due to its high protein content that provides you with all the amino acids you need. People who eat eggs for breakfast instead of other common breakfast foods felt less hungry throughout the day. In short, eggs are the pill that will make you need and want lesser calories everyday.

3- Not only is quinoa gluten free making it a great substitute for wheat, but it is also rich in protein and fibers. Quinoa has more than double the amount of fiber in rice, thus it has a lot of power in fighting hunger and cravings.

4- By now we recognize the power of protein in fighting hunger, so this is another hunger fighting, rich in protein food; lentil. A cup of lentil contains about 15 grams of protein. Many experiments in the field of weight loss have shown that lentil has recognizable effects in suppressing appetite.

5- Avocados are another type of food usually avoided by people for their high fat content. What most people do not know is that type of fat is the good type of fat you should not avoid. It helps in suppressing your appetite, lowering cholesterol and it helps in transferring the nutrients you need to your body.

Food That Suppress Your Appetite

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