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5 Types of Food That Strengthens Your Bones and Cleans Your Arteries

Did you know that osteoporosis depends a lot on the health of your cardiovascular system? We do not find doctors speaking often about the link between these two although it is somewhat an obvious relation. If you have a healthy cardiovascular system and unclogged healthy arteries, then blood will flow more freely, thus delivering more nutrients to your cells, including your bone cells. So we need to consume more of the foods that strengthen our bones and clean our arteries.

1- Salmon is not just a healthy low calorie food. It is full of nutrients that are both good for your bone and heart health. It is rich in vitamin D needed for binding calcium to your bones. It is also loaded with omega 3 fatty acids that fight inflammation and heart disease.

2- Besides being a delicious spring vegetable, asparagus is good for your bones and cardiovascular system as well. It is rich in Vitamins B1, B2, Vitamin C; Vitamin D, and folate. It is also contains glutathione which is a powerful antioxidant that fight the damage free radicals do to your heart and bones.

3- Whole grains such as oats are definitely good for enhancing the health of your heart and bones. Studies showed that regularly consuming whole grains reduces the formation of arterial plaque. It is also rich in phosphorous, copper, and magnesium which strengthen your bones.

4- Since we are talking about cardiovascular health, it is only natural to mention avocados. It is full of cholesterol lowering monounsaturated fat. It is also rich in Vitamin D, K, and C needed for building bones.

5- You often hear that nuts are good for cardiovascular health, right? Well, walnuts are good for both your heart and bones. They are rich in omega 3 fatty acids that lower cholesterol. They also inhibit osteoclasts and boost osteoblast activity, which means you will have stronger bones for longer time.

Food That Strengthens Your Bones and Cleans Your Arteries

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