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5 Types of Food That Accelerate Skin Aging

What you feed yourself – and your skin – has a lot to do with how it looks. You know what they say: “your body is a temple”, which is undeniably correct considering your skin. Therefore you should know what types of food you need to avoid if you want your skin to stay as healthy and wrinkle-free as long as possible.

1- Fried foods speed up the aging of your skin. They are a major health risk that can cause all sorts of problem to your whole body, much less your skin. When frying something, high temperatures produce free radicals in the fat which does a lot of damage to your skin.

2- To keep your skin as healthy, youthful and wrinkle free as long as possible, you need to keep it hydrated. Therefore, you need to avoid foods that dehydrate your skin, like alcohol and caffeine. These foods drain up the water in your body as you consume it and produce cortisol which makes your skin age faster.

3- Foods that highly increase glucose levels in your body are another type of food you should avoid if you want a healthy beautiful skin. This means sugar and processed sweets (not honey or fruit). They also cause acne which is another skin problem nobody wants.

4- We all know that we need a pinch of salt to swallow almost everything (food, or even life sometimes), but too much salt is hazardous for your skin. It makes it puffy and makes your tissues swell. Avoid foods with too much salt (like pickles and cured meats) and do not use too much iodized salt in your food.

5- Almost everyone knows by now that processed foods are fattening (even those aiming at weight loss make you fat on the long run). However, they cause skin aging because of their high levels of complex salt and sugar. They are also full with preservatives and other health risk chemicals, and are nutrient-free no matter what the labels say.

Food That Accelerate Skin Aging

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