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5 Tips for Using Tea Tree Oil for Your Health and Beauty

Tea tree oil is extracted from the leaves of tea tree. It has natural antifungal and antimicrobial qualities which you can use to make your health, life and beauty much better. Here are some great tips for using tea tree oil:

1- Do you know that the base of many skin and hair problems lies in the brushes and combs you use? It is true! Germs and bacteria find their way to the tools you use for applying makeup. And people do not sanitize these things or fear to do it because they might be ruined. However, you can sanitize your beauty tools by spraying them with some tea tree oil.

2- Blemishes and flaws in your skin are bothering you? The reason for these blemishes is because your skin acts up as a reaction to germs and bacteria. Tea tree oil has antibacterial and healing properties that are sometimes more effective than treatments prescribed by doctors. So before using harsh chemicals to treat your skin, rub it with some tea tree oil.

3- Eczema is a medical condition that might happen to your skin when you abuse it with harsh chemical cleansers. However, using antibiotic ointments does not help in curing them or might just heal eczema temporarily. Wet a cotton ball with some coconut oil and a few drops of tea tree oil and rub the skin patches with eczema with it to heal them.

4- Did you know that many of the problems and rashes in your armpit skin are because of the chemical laden deodorants you use? So instead of using chemical harsh deodorants, fill an empty deodorant bottle with tea tree oil and use it on your armpit. It will prevent any odors and give you a fresh natural fragrance.

5- Do you have a yeast infection? Are you embarrassed about consulting a doctor for a cure for the embarrassing odor? Wet a tampon with natural oil like olive or coconut oil, then add few drops of tea tree oil and use it. Repeat the process for a few days.

Tea Tree Oil for Your Health and Beauty

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