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5 Tips to Bring Back Smoothness to Your Rough Scaly Elbows

The skin of your elbows is very important. It protects your joints, muscles and bones needed for your arms to move. However, usually neglecting your elbows and following few bad habits that involves them can lead to the appearance of rough scaly patches there. Thankfully, it is something you can treat easily enough following these tips:

1- Among the habits that can do the skin of your elbows a lot of damage is the habit of leaning on them. Moreover, you might be worsening the damage when the surfaces you lean on are not clean. Also, several studies have stated that leaning on your elbows for a long time can cause a condition called cubital tunnel syndrome that damages the nerves in your arm and decreases blood flow.

2- When your arms are straight, it forms folds of skin on your elbows. Dirt and germs can gather in these folds making problems. So to eliminate some of the causes of scaly elbows, clean your elbows regularly and gently with gentle soap and water.

3- Scrubbing is another step in the way to softer elbows. Use a gentle body scrub and scrub your elbows gently regularly. Scaly elbows might happen because of “chicken skin” which is condition that happens because of keratin build ups in your skin. Rid yourself of it with regular exfoliation.

4- Needless to say, scrubbing without moisturizing is just bringing more damage to your elbows, especially because elbows do not have many of the glands that keep skin naturally moisturized. Moisturize your elbows often, especially after showers.

5- Like any other skin problem, the cause of scaly elbows might be an allergic reaction to a type of food or clothing. So if simple home treatments fail, do not hesitate to consult a doctor.

5 Tips to Bring Back Smoothness to Your Rough Scaly Elbows

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