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5 Tips for Dealing with Bothersome Neighbors

Doesn’t it make you want to scream to find that your bothersome and annoying neighbors are topping off the damage life has been doing to you? Dealing with a neighbor with a certain level of “annoyance” is not that rare of an experience. We have all been there (hopefully as the one being bothered not doing the bothering). Therefore, we all need to learn how to deal with bothersome neighbors. Read the following lines for some tips that will help you with such neighbors.

1- Be precise. Maybe your neighbors do not mean to be annoying, and are just blissfully ignorant of how they could get. For example, they might be prying into your private affairs and think that it is a sign of empathy. Be polite but strict about the need to respect your privacy.

2- Sometimes your neighbors already know that they are annoying. They might be even enjoying is as well. Their kids might throw trash on your lawn or bother your kids and take their things. And when you complain about it, they laugh it off or answer rudely. Now, it is time to try tactics like ignoring or not being welcoming. Not answering questions or greetings might be rude, but it is effective with such neighbors. As for your kids, fence your yard and remind them to stay within it.

3- Sometimes your neighbors are prying into your affairs because you are the closest thing they have to a relative. They are simply lonely and need other people in their life. If you do not have time for such neighbors, introduce them to other people, and tell them about places where they could meet others.

4- Back to annoying neighbors who love being annoying. If they become too extreme, or rather abusive, it is time to answer them with extreme measures. You could install a surveillance camera and give the footage to the authorities.

5- Rally other neighbors to your cause. If your neighbors are too annoying, you can gather other neighbors who have been complaining about them as well. Get together and discuss your complaints and list them in a precise manner before facing your annoying neighbors. A number of people complaining in a threatening way can be so intimidating they would not try to bother you again.

Tips for Dealing with Bothersome Neighbors

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