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5 Things You Must Never Ever Say to a Pregnant Woman

Imagine this scenario; you are talking to a newly pregnant woman who is just so happy and glowing she feels like she is walking on clouds. Then comes this person who hates her (or just enjoys being mean!) and say few mean words. How would she feel, and act? Here are the things you must never say to a pregnant woman.

1- Even if the one pregnant is sick with god knows what, you do not go and say something like: don’t you need to check that at a hospital it might affect your baby. Because you will get a lot of beating you can’t give back because she is pregnant.

2- Another thing you must never say to a pregnant woman (unless you seriously want to pick a fight) is: who is the father, or does it have the same dad as your first? Yep, this will get you a nice beating from her and those around her.

3- When you meet a pregnant woman you do not act like a pregnancy expert and
say something like: you haven’t seen anything yet, or the real battle has not started yet, or what will you do if you have children. Pregnancy and motherhood is a wonderful experience, so do not compare it to going to war and mess with her morale.

4- Sometimes, you meet people who once they know you are pregnant act like a fifth grade teacher and say eat this, drink that. Believe me when a pregnant woman knows she is pregnant (and even before that) she does the research fully and thoroughly. It is not like she has been waiting for someone to tell her what to do.

5- You do not act like you are nice and know it all when you meet a pregnant woman and say: I know about this great lotion that removes blemishes and spots and the other things that are on your skin. She will think and mostly say something like: Wow, thank you! I didn’t have any mirrors at home to know I had any!

Any pregnant woman is highly sensitive, so think carefully about what you will say to her before you say it.

Things You Must Never Ever Say to a Pregnant Woman

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