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5 Things You Should Not Ever Say to a Parent

To be a parent is an experience full of blessings and rewards no one would understand but other parents. However, to reap those rewards, parents must let go of many good things in life, and they have to sacrifice many good opportunities. All these things can make them extra miserable if they hear some comments from the people around them, such as:

1- Something like: “You’ve never heard about this movie? It’s been on all cinemas for months! Are you living in a cave?” No, parents live with their children who are sometimes in need of 24 hours constant care. So, things like eating and sleeping become more important if you find time for them

2- “What is so difficult about raising a baby? You feed it and clean it just like a pet”. This is something some people say to parents even when they don’t mean to provoke them, although it shows total lack of empathy and understanding. It is the same thing as saying animals are like humans.

3- “you’re invited to our party but it is adults-only”. This is also a phrase that can show utmost lack of empathy especially if you say it outright to a parent, as if a parent can easily toss their children into the hands of strangers to attend some party.

4- “If I ever have kids I will teach them to do this and that, and they will not do the same mistakes your kids do”. This also shows a lot of empathy besides the fact that you are not even close to ready to have kids. They are human beings with complex personalities in the making, not computers. You do not just type orders and everything will turn out right, and they ARE supposed to make mistakes to learn.

5- “You look really tired” is a phrase that shows lack of empathy besides other things. Of course he/she is tired. They stay up late taking care of their children and watching them all the time, barely finding time to eat or sleep.

Try to show more sensitivity towards parents and be supportive and reassuring in your talk with them.

Things You Should Not Ever Say to a Parent

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