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5 Things You Should Do Regularly to Avoid Having Bad Breath

Bad breath store bought treatments are many. There are gums, washes, sprays besides the commonly popular tic-tacs. And people spend a lot of money on such treatments, because bad breath is a problem that can send people around you running to the hills. However, no product you buy from stores can end this problem permenantly. Here are the things you should do so you would not have bad breath:

1- Floss your teeth and brush them more often. Plaque is difficult to get rid of without constant oral cleaning. So, make sure you brush and floss your teeth more often.

2- Your tongue could be the source of bad smells. Bacteria can hide in the surface of your tongue, not just your teeth. Therefore, scrape your tongue gently with your tooth brush and some tooth paste, or better some antibacterial mouth wash.

3- Avoid eating garlic and onions. If you want to eat them, cook them first. Cooking them weakens the smell. Garlic and onion odors really stick to your mouth and breath for hours, so brushing your teeth will not help you with this problem.

4- Ditch the cigarettes. Smoking causes cancer, kidney failure, heart disease and skin problems. As for your teeth, smoking will damage your gums and give you stinky cigarette breath and stained teeth.

5- Use an anti bacterial mouth wash. A lot of time might pass between each time your brush your teeth in one day. If you do not like to take your tooth paste and brush with you when going out, keep an anti bacterial mouth wash in your bag to rid your mouth of nasty smells.

Make sure you check whether you have bad breath or not with people close to you, because this is a problem people are usually too polite to tell you about it.

Avoid Having Bad Breath

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