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5 Things Mothers Should Not Say to Their Children

Barbara Walters once said: “Motherhood is tough. If you just want a wonderful little creature to love, you can get a puppy.” And since mothers are mere human beings who are bound to make mistakes when doing anything, they might sometimes say certain things to their children that might affect their lives negatively. We will point out some of these things in this article:

1- Just be yourself, and people will love you the way you are. You are preparing your child for a shock by saying this. People have different personalities. There are some who will love your child and others who won’t. Besides, if he has certain flaws, he needs to work on fixing them instead of just expecting others to love him in spite of having these flaws.

2- Work hard and your work will pay off. It is good to make your child enthusiastic about hard work, but it is important to tell him that sometimes his efforts will go to waste. Life is full of disappointments and your child will face many situations where hard work does not pay off.

3- Respect is to be earned, it is not given freely. It is difficult even for a grown up to tell who really deserves respect and who does not. So what you are telling your child here is: “do not respect others until they work for earning your respect.”

4- You don’t owe anyone anything. Owing does not need to be in the material sense only. And in truth everyone owes others one thing or another. Also saying this to your child is somehow like telling him to be irresponsible and ungrateful for what he/she has.

5- Follow your dream to be happy. Let us agree that “happiness” is a vague term, and that it is better to be “content” rather than happy. Then we have the “dream” issue. Obstacles happen to anyone, and can stop you from perusing your dreams. Moreover, dreams can change with time and your children will find that perplexing to understand.

Mothers Should Not Say to Their Children

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