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5 Things Mothers Who Juggle Motherhood and a Full day Job Are Grateful for

The way this world is going, and the way people’s need are increasing and becoming more complex, it is no wonder that people need to make a lot of money. So, it is a common thing to see women struggling to juggle motherhood with a full day job everywhere. It is a really difficult type of struggle, but there are some things full day working mothers are grateful for, like:

1- Working mothers mostly do not have spoiled kids. Kids with working mothers do not take their moms for granted, and they appreciate what little time and energy their mothers manage to spend on them. Therefore, working mothers do not often have to deal with being-too-spoiled tantrums or likely behaviors.

2- Full day working mothers are supporting women’s right for equality all over the world. Women are always looked down upon. Before, working women were even more looked down upon and were called masculine and similarly demeaning terms. But now the whole world recognizes women’s effect in economy, and is acknowledging their right for equality especially with all their struggles to manage working while raising kids and taking care of families.

3- Full day working mothers treasure their time with their kids and struggle to make it as good and beneficial as possible. Therefore, they have stronger bonds and better communication with their kids. They are not like other mothers who feel that motherhood is a job they can’t wait to get away from.

4- Working mothers get a lot of things from their work. Other than money, working mothers get many material and psychological benefits from their jobs. They get friends, work experience, self-esteem and better health insurance.

5- Working mothers are super resilient. This means they adapt quickly. They analyze any problems or difficult situations quickly and effectively, and then come up with solutions easily.

So if you are a full day working mom, do not feel too bad or too guilty, and try to remember all the things you are grateful for that resulted from your job.

Mothers Who Juggle Motherhood and a Full day Job Are Grateful for

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