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The 5 Things Men Find Most Unappealing in Women

Do you sometimes hear a woman saying “I don’t know why men don’t want a lasting relationship with me”, or something like “I somehow manage to scare men or turn them away”? These and other similar phrases mean that you have or commit the things men find most unappealing, which are:

1- Talking loud is something everyone finds most unappealing, men or women. It is a major turn off for men and is often associated with being mannish and un-sexy. Even if you have a powerful larynx, try not to talk loud as much as possible.

2- Pessimism is another really unappealing quality men don’t want to find in a woman. You never want to be anywhere close to a wet blanket whether you are a man or a woman. You never want to be with anyone who is always sad and scowling because such a trait is usually contagious.

3- Thinking you are always right is a trait men really hate in a woman. Ever heard the saying: “men don’t like smart women”? it is not that they hate smart women as much as they hate someone who thinks: “I will always be smarter than you” or “I will always be right, so don’t think for yourself”.

4- Saying something along the lines of “You never listen to me” is something that really gets on men’s nerves. Not acting like your voice is the first thing he hears after recovering hearing sense does not mean that he is not listening.

5- Being clingy is something men really hate in a woman, and women do not like it in men either, and sometimes call it “stalker alert”! Being in a relationship does not mean you have to spend every moment of your time with your man. This is neither mature, nor healthy.

Things Men Find Most Unappealing in Women

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