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5 Things You Would Never Guess Are Damaging Your Teeth

Having a good dental health is not just about brushing your teeth few times a day. Even with proper teeth care you are bound to face few dental problems occasionally. So what are the hidden reasons you would not expect to lead to cavities and other types of dental problems?

1- Food that contains starch might cause you cavities and damage your teeth. A recent study has discovered that some types of starch found in breads, cereals etc can be more damaging to your teeth than sugar. This happens because starch takes a long time to break so if there is any of it stuck in your teeth, it will draw bactiria that causes cavities.

2- All drinks named power drinks, sport drinks, vitamin drinks are not as healthy as their manufacturers make them seem to be. They contain high levels of sugar and are acidic which makes them a highly destructive weapon against your teeth.

3- Some types of medications cause “xerostomia” which leads to the stimulation of Strep Mutans bacteria in the plaque and thus to cavities. Such medications include allergy, sinus, anti-anxiety and anti-depression medications.

4- Dried fruits cause cavities too. People forget the fact that you need to add a lot of sugar to the fruit for it to be dried properly without rotting. Moreover, dried fruit have a chewy sticky texture that makes getting rid of what remains of them when you are brushing your teeth difficult.

5- Diet sodas do much damage to your teeth (and they are not good for weight loss diets either). Just because they do not contain sugar does not mean they are not dangerous. They contain extremely high levels of acidity that makes them bad for your teeth.

Cavities are usually avoided by proper and regular dental care, but it would do your teeth a lot of good if you avoid the things mentioned in the article.

 Damaging Your Teeth

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