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5 Things You Should Consider When Buying an Exercise Mat

Whether you are doing your daily difficult yoga poses or the walk-walk five miles exercise, you need to have an exercise mat. An exercise mat will help you do your workout routine easily without bumping your head or feet on the floor. It is also easier to use an exercise mat than trying to clean the carpet thoroughly every time you need to work out. Here is what you need to consider when buying an exercise mat.

1- Get a nicely padded mat. This is just common sense. If you get a thin mat that can be worn easily and does not protect you from bumps and injuries, then you are better off without it. Pick a nicely padded mat like Jade mats or EKO Manduka.

2- You have to keep in mind that some types of plastic have cacinogens toxic plastic (PVC). Since mats have plastic in them, make sure you choose PVC free mat unless you want to get allergies and toss it away for that. Opt for something made of natural rubber.

3- Make sure your mat is the perfect medium between soft and firm considering the foam filling. You do not want a mat that tempts you to sleep, and you do not want one that is as stiff as a board either.

4- Don’t you hate it when you do some yoga poses on your mat and start thinking: “Gee! Skating rinks are less slippery”. Therefore you need an exercise mat you can actually work not slip on. If your mat is already slippery sprinkle some talc powder.

5- Keep weight in mind as well. This is an exercise mat, not an area carpet. If you are going to drag a log of a mat each time you want to exercise, you will end up tossing it away altogether.

Buying an Exercise Mat

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