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5 thigs that man doesn’t understand about a woman

There is no doubt that woman is a very special being as her mood changes because of hormonal fluctuations that occur in the body.

You see her quiet sometimes, happy in other times, and sad without reason another time. If you – as a woman – do not understand yourself sometimes, the opposite sex rarely understands you. Starting from here, identify with us what are the most prominent things that men don’t understand about you.

*Why do you say you are fine while you are not? Man likes clarity and frankness, and he acts in this way in his life. Therefore, he doesn’t understand why a woman says the opposite of what she feels all the time. He does not realize that you want him to understand and feel what you suffer from without telling him.

*Why do you open your mouth while applying mascara? All men are asking for the reason that makes the woman opens her mouth during applying mascara, but they do not find the answer. How could they do if we do not know why we do that?

*Why you take long time to prepare yourself to go out? Men only need 15 minutes maximum to wear his clothes and to be ready to go out. That’s why he always asks himself why his wife needs the entire day to get ready to go out. He wonders if she sleeps, for example, during this time.

*Why you are talking too much while he just uses the right words to express what he wants to say? Men do not like talking too much and they do not understand why women can not stop talking.

*Why women need company when going to the bathroom? They find it strange and they always wonder why you need to take your friend with you to enter the bathroom.

What about you? Can you answer these questions?

man doesn’t understand about a woman

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