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5 Surprising Fluid Facts for Losing Weight

When trying to lose weight, all our focus centers around the food ingredients we should cut out, and the foods we should eat. Rarely do we think about how the things we drink can affect our weight. Believe it or not, following the next tips is going to help you lose a lot of calories without a fuss.

5. Glass Shape Matters.

A great advice for eating less states that eating in a smaller plate makes a smaller portion seem more fulfilling. The same rule applies on the size of the glass you drink your juice or anything else in. Drinking in a tall yet thin glass will satisfy you more than a thick, short glass in a visual way but you will end up drinking less and so consuming fewer calories.

4. Soup is Superb.

What can hydrate you, warm you and fill your stomach with few calories? Nothing else but your favorite delicious soup will do that. A nice hot dish of soup before a meal is nutritious and will make you eat less. There are many options and recipes for soups; just make sure that you don’t choose a creamy one as these are packed with calories and fat.

3. Avoid Alcohol.

Festive occasions and parties that are filled with alcohols might be unavoidable, yet you can avoid alcohol for results that you won’t regret. First of all, alcohol has more calories per gram than carbohydrates do. Secondly, while intoxicated, you won’t be able to keep count of what you eat as you would do while sober.

2. Green Light for Green Tea.

Studies show that green tea momentary boosts metabolism making your body burn calories. This goes back to green tea’s phytochemicals, catechins. Take care that green tea contains caffeine, so sip it only when you want to keep awake and avoid it before bedtime.

1. Replace Sugary Drinks with Flavored Water.

Fizzy drinks and other juices at the market are filled with liquid sugar that don’t only put you at the risk of obesity, but also puts you in the danger of diabetes. A much healthier replacement would be drinking a glass of water whenever thirsty. There is no problem with flavoring the water with lemon or mint as it will stay a zero-calorie refreshment.

5 Surprising Fluid Facts for Losing Weight

5 Surprising Fluid Facts for Losing Weight

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