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5 Surprising Effects Clothes Have On You

What you wear doesn’t only make you look good on the outside, but it also has a great effect on how you feel on the inside. Not only does it give an impression about you, but it also sets your mood for the day. In this article, you will be provided with 5 ways in which what you wear affects your mood. Hopefully, after this is over, you would be more careful about what you wear.

1. Boosting Your Mood
Wearing a certain outfit you’ve worn before and got nice comments on might give you a little boost of confidence. Clothes are usually linked with emotion, for example, if you want people to see you happy, you’d put on your brightest outfit along with a welcoming smile, which would also help get you out of any depressing mood. Studies have also shown that bright colors have quite a nice effect on our moods.

2. Reaching Your Objectives
People who dress better are more likely to win arguments and negotiations than those who don’t. In short, they get the good end in a fight. Moreover, dressing comfortably might also lower your testosterone levels which cut down your aggression and give you a better chance in winning.

3. Making You Ready to Exercise
If you want to act the part, dress for the part. If you want to exercise, dressing in sweats and wearing your sneakers might work as a good motivation to get you to do it. Wearing exercise clothing boosts your energy psychologically, which consequently, prepares you physically to workout.

4. Heightening Your Intelligence
A study that showed that people who dressed more formally for a task, didn’t just look smarter but also performed smarter. It could be that your brain is trying to live up to your outfit expectation so that the better you wear, the better you make.

5. Makes You Feel in Charge
Not only does dressing well give you confidence, but it also gives you a sense of authority. If you dress like an important person, you will feel like an important person and that will give you power and that you are in control of everything around you.

Effects Clothes Have On You

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