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5 Simple Ways to Wake Up Happy

It may seem very hard, even for morning people to wake up cheerfully. As most of our duties take place in daytime, we are inclined to wake up early daily. Fortunately, a cheerful morning isn’t a myth and there are indeed ways that can help you get a good start.

1. Stay Electric-free before Going to Bed
Electric devices keep you alert as well as stress you out a little before you go to bed. Not to mention that staying on your phone all night might make you lose track of time and take away sleep hours making you miserable in the morning and sleep deprived. Hence, it’s better if, a couple of hours before going to bed, you stay device electric-free and comfortable.

2. Play the Usual Morning Playlist
Music can get you through anything, even things as bad as mornings. You should set a morning playlist that is positive and suits your taste, it might get you in a good mood when starting up. Try not to use a good song as your alarm clock though, or you will associate it with bad mornings and wind up hating it.

3. Let the Sunlight Sink in
Naturally, when sunlight touches us, the body stops the excretion of Melatonin, a hormone that makes you feel sleepy. The sun on your face will help you feel more alert and ready for your day.

4. Get Hydrated
Drinking water first thing in the morning helps to give a boost in your energy to get you throughout the day, as the water compensates the loss of fluid during your sleep. It might even help you stay hydrated, now that you have a routine of drinking a cup of water every morning.

5. Don’t, under Any Circumstances, Press Snooze
Snoozing, doesn’t help you wake up better like you think it does. On the contrary, you actually wake up more weary when you keep pressing the snooze button because you don’t get a real sleep in those few minutes. This will ruin your sleep cycle, thus making you wake up more miserable.

 Ways to Wake Up Happy

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