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5 Simple Foolproof Beauty Hacks You Can Do Yourself

Women are always on the look out for hacks for everything in life, most important of which is undeniably beauty. Why? Because many beauty hack make you more gorgeous in a shorter time while saving your money too! Plus, each of them counts as this fun clever experience you would be glad to have.

1- A spoon can help you a lot in becoming gorgeous. You can put a spoon in the freezer so that if you happen to have dark circles around your eyes one morning, you can use the outer side of the bowl of the spoon on the dark circles to clear them out. Moreover, you can use the handle of a spoon to draw the eyeliner line in a wing shape.

2- Want naturally rosy soft cheeks every morning? Blend a cup of milk with two spoonfuls of powdered milk and pour the mixture into your ice cube tray. Every morning, take a milk ice cube and rub your face gently and slowly with it. Your skin will become rosy, smooth and refreshed.

3- Gel eyeliners give your eyes that gorgeous smoldering look. However they can be over priced, and I don’t believe in paying more for what anything is really worth, so here is a trick for getting your own perfect gel eyeliner: Get a regular kohl pencil eyeliner from any drugstore and heat the tip over candle or lighter flame for a mere second. Let it set for 15 seconds and use it to get the gel eyeliner effect.

4- Do you love the graduated manicure look, but hate the waiting time needed for applying each coat? Get a spare makeup sponge and paint the patterns you desire on it then press it on your nails for a gorgeous quick graduated manicure.

5- Do you love manicure but hate removing them with nail polish removers that weaken your fingers and hurt your nostrils with their awful smell? Use a cotton swap and rub it with a little (just a little, you hear me sister?) petroleum jelly and rub your nails with it. Then polish your nails like usual and when you are done with the color, peel it off easily.

I would be really happy if you share what other beauty hacks you know of with me, so do not hesitate to!

Beauty Hacks You Can Do Yourself

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