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Here are the 5 signs that will tell you the guy you’re dating is a womanizer!

Choosing that one special man who is perfect for you is so hard, and many of us are afraid of making the same dating mistakes (or rather dating the same types of mistakes!) over again. Many of us have dated the wrong person. However, what about the one man we completely fear the most, The Womanizer? Here are some signs to look out for to know if he is a womanizer!

1. He Has A Reputation.
If ladies have messaged you on Facebook or come up to you telling you that your new guy has got a reputation, you shouldn’t quickly drop these accusations as signs of jealousy. First, you need to hear these ladies out and make up your mind.

2. He Just Seems To Appear Later During The Night.
Your guy should be accessible day and night. It simply isn’t good enough that he barely makes an appearance at night. Certainly, he tells you that he has been working, yet you know deep down something really doesn’t seem true here.

3. When He Charms You All The Time
Sometimes, men will shower us with many compliments when they are feeling great about something, and such a thing is a sign of womanizing as they are hiding their guilt over their romantic escapades.

4. He Moves Really Quick.
You haven’t yet introduced yourself and he wants to buy a home with you and have all of your babies. Red flag!

5. He Locks His Phone A Lot!
If he locks his phone so that you could never access it, it is a full on red-flag warning that he is not the guy for you.

signs that will tell you the guy you’re dating is a womanizer

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