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5 Shocking Foods that Damage Your Teeth

Hard candy, lollypops and other sweets are notorious for their destruction of teeth by inducing cavities. Sweets are not the only foods guilty for damaging the beauty of people’s smiles. There are several foods and drinks which are surprisingly responsible for ruining our pearly whites. Here are some things you should avoid to protect your teeth:

5. Breath Mints

Who doesn’t want to keep their breath fresh after having a meal contained garlic or onions? Breath mints seem like the perfect answer for instant fresh breath. However, as you are fixing the problem of your scent, sugar from the mint sticks to your teeth. If you must use breath mints, choose sugar-free mints.

4. Potato Chips

Potato chips are wonderful snacks to pass the time but apart from giving you crispy joy and making you gain a few pounds, chips linger between your teeth and feed oral bacteria. The bacteria then produce acid which eats your enamel away.

3. Bottled Water

The filtration of water before bottling it makes it more acidic than tap water and removes the fluoride that it has. The acid causes cavities and the lack of fluoride deprives your teeth from having stronger enamel that they would if you drank fluoridated tap water.

2. Curry

There are many delicious dishes that are spiced with curry and many people eat them without knowing that curry pigments can stain teeth yellow with time. If you are a curry fan, don’t forget to drink a glass of water right after a curry filled meal to wash the pigments away from your choppers.

1. Ice

Ice is just water so it doesn’t have any coloring pigments, sugars or acid. Nonetheless, if you like to chew this solid form of water, you might crack your teeth in the process. Therefore, stick to leave ice in your glass instead of between your teeth.

Foods that Damage Your Teeth

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