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5 Scrub Recipes You Can Make at Home from Sugar and Salt

Some of the best homemade scrubs can be made from sugar and salt. Moreover, sugar and salt scrubs are known to have excellent exfoliating properties and are very effective in treating some skin problems. So instead of wasting your money on over priced manufactured sugar and salt scrubs, learn how to make them at home as you will see in the following lines:

1- Here is a recipe you can make for your body skin just before you hit the shower. Mash a ripe banana with a fork, then add three tablespoons of granulated sugar, and then a teaspoon of your favorite essence oil. Mix well then rub your body gently with the mixture then wash it off in the shower.

2- Another wonderful scrub you can make from sugar is this one: mix a few drops of olive oil with some superfine sugar (namely caster sugar) and a drop of mint or vanilla extract and then gently rub your lips with the mixture then wash it (or eat it!) off.

3- Here is a recipe for a refreshing scrub you can apply in the morning before your morning shower that will make you refreshed and ready for anything you might face in your day: Mix half a cup of any natural oil (my favorite is olive oil) with half a cup of sea salt and a teaspoon of your favorite citrus zest (orange, lemon, lime etc).

4- Why don’t we mix the moisturizing properties of coconut oil, with the exfoliating effects of sugar? Here is a homemade scrub that will help you do it: mix half a cup of brown sugar with half a cup of coconut oil, and add to them half a teaspoon of vanilla extract. While you are in the shower, massage your wet skin with this mixture then wash it off. Your skin will look – and smell – like dessert.

5- If you are ever in a sour mood, make this scrub: Grind salt and lavender in the food processor. Rub your body with this wonderful mix before the bath. It will make your skin smooth and the lavender fragrance will lift your morale and sooth your soul.

 Scrub Recipes You Can Make at Home from Sugar and Salt

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