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5 Reasons for Obesity You Never Knew about before

Losing weight is easy, right? You just need to exercise more and eat less! This is sadly untrue. There are many more hidden factors that contribute to the equation of losing weight other than diet and exercise. So if you have these two covered, and are still not losing weight, then maybe the reason is one or more of what you will find in the following lines.

1- Room temperature is one of the reasons why you are not losing weight. It might seem strange but think about it. You burn extra calories when feel cold to warm yourself up. So if your room temperature is regular, then you will not need to burn these extra calories for heating.

2- Is wrapping things in plastic making you fat? Naturally you would say: don’t be ridiculous. But new evidence that has been discovered shows that the chemicals used to make plastics flexible were proved to enhance obesity
and lower fat burning rate.

3- Stress is a reason for obesity everybody seems to neglect. What you can’t make certain of is whether you are stressed or not. So if you have stress you are unaware of, your way of eating will change, so does your metabolism and insulin and cholesterol production rate, and not in a good way!

4- Pulling an all nighter is not new to any of us. Whether you are a parent of a newborn, a teenager cramming for an exam, or an employee struggling to meet a deadline, you would have to pull an all nighter. But do not make it a habit, because lack of sleep does a major damage to your metabolism which in turn leads to obesity.

5- Misreading the nutrition facts’ labels on the food you buy is another obesity causing mistake. So the label says a certain product contains 120 calories, no big deal right? Well it IS a big deal when the product contains 120 calories per 10 g and it is a 100 g product, but you somehow managed to miss reading that!

So watch out for these hidden obesity reasons that might waste you weight-losing efforts!

Reasons for Obesity You Never Knew about before

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