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5 Reasons Why Having Friends Is Definitely Good for Your Health

Everyone has friends. They might be childhood friends, friends from work, friends from school, pen friends, online friends, or even friends of friends. But is having someone who knows many things about you good or even healthy? Several studies have proved that to be the case for the following reasons:

1- Friends make your ability to fight diseases better. We already know that catching many diseases or even fighting them depends a lot on psychological elements. Even serious diseases like cancer depend in their therapy on things like moral support, and in this case, having friends can help immensely.

2- A recent study says that close friends are not just close in terms of thinking and preferences, but in terms of DNA as well. According to the study, close friends are as close genetically as fourth cousins. Maybe this is why we pick them and feel subconsciously close to them from the start.

3- Friends make your will to accomplish great deeds stronger. When people plan big changes in their lives, they do not seem to need the same amount of time to perform these changes supported by their friends, compared to the time needed to perform these changes on their own.

4- Being surrounded with friends makes you easier on the eye compared to when you are alone. In a study, people surrounded with friends received bigger ranks when they were evaluated for being attractive compared to when they were evaluated standing alone.

5- Friendship is an instinctive trait. It was proved that infants who have not even started to walk yet understand relationships and interaction with other babies. And if having friends and interacting with them is in your blood, then it is definitely healthy to have them around.

Although we have established that having friends is good, it is important to have friends who don’t drag you back or make you a worse person.

Having Friends Is Definitely Good for Your Health

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