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5 Reasons Why You Always Feel Drained

Feeling tired is more complicated than it seems for many people. Sometimes it is not just temporary and can be healed in the way people say: “You look tired, get some sleep”. There are things you do and habits you form that lead to this drained state you usually feel, and cannot be treated with some sleep. Here are the reasons why you feel drained all-or-most of the time.

1- Neglecting exercise because you feel too tired to exercise is one reason why you feel drained and tired. Exercise actually helps you feel less fatigued and increases your stamina. You are also improving how your lungs and cardiovascular system work.

2- You are dehydrated. Most of Our bodies are made of water. So it is only natural that we feel tired when we do not have enough water daily. It is even better if you consume a little more quantities of water than what you need daily, because it will have fast positive results on your skin, bodily functions and overall health.

3- Another obvious reason for always feeling drained which people usually seem to overlook is simply anemia. Anemia happens because you need more folic acids (iron) in your body. So make sure iron is an essential part of your diet. It is found in dark green leafy vegetables, molasses, nuts and even peanut butter.

4- Some reasons for feeling drained are psychological. For example, doing a work you hate must put you in a drained mood even when you are just thinking about your work. Moreover, it is obvious if you are facing some hardships in your life, you will not feel in top shape most of the time; you might even feel sick sometimes.

5- Neglecting breakfast is not just an essential reason for feeling drained; it is also a recipe for disaster. Besides feeling completely drained, it results in slower metabolism, unhealthy eating habits and is a fast ride to obesity.

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Reasons Why You Always Feel Drained

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