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5 Reasons Why You Should Let Your Children Have a Pet

When checking the letters kids write to Santa, it was found that most of them contained wishes of having a new pet dog, or just a new pet. Raising a pet is probably the dearest wish for any child. However, parents naturally do not and should not grant every wish their children have, including adopting a pet. But I think that this wish is one of the wishes that should be granted for the following reasons:

1- Adopting a pet practically teaches your children what being responsible for someone else’s life is like. Your kid will have to walk, clean, and feed the pet, which is not easy, but in the same time rewarding and mind developing.

2- Adopting a pet strengthens your children’s immune system. Several studies have proved that families that have pets are more resistant to allergies and asthma. It was also found that most of the men and women who do not have any type of allergy or similar health issues used to raise pets when they were younger.

3- Raising a pet makes your child more understanding of what it is like to be a parent. Obviously, we are not comparing humans to animals, but when your child is responsible for someone’s life and well being, he/she will develop feelings of understanding and compassion towards you, and will be a bit (just a bit!) easier to communicate with.

4- Most kids now stay hours glued to their computers, ipads and gaming consoles. Adopting a pet is a very stealthy and effective way of loosening the glue a bit. Your child will have to take care of the pet, feed it and even walk it and play with it far from the eye and mind damaging videogames.

5- Pets can help anyone with relieving stress, much less children who may have it tough sometimes. Your children can cope better with any problems they might be facing. Statistics show that children who face social problems (such as parents divorce, moving out, or difficulties at school) were able to cope better with these struggles when they had pets.

Let Your Children Have a Pet

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