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5 Proven Quick Ways to Enjoy a Flat Belly

Belly fat is very stubborn, it’s like this fat just enjoys staying around your belly. Confront this annoying fat and show it how it wore out its welcome and that it’s time for it to go. Follow the coming instructions and rock a fabulous body with a flat belly in the shortest period of time.

1. Drink Green Tea

Individuals how sip about 4 green tea cups per day along with exercise lose 7% more belly fat than those who drink other caffeinated drinks. The effect of green tea is probably due to the rich amount of catechins which boost lipid breakdown.

2. Practice High Intensity Total Body Weight Training

Hiking and walking burn calories but they are not as effective as high intensity exercises. You can find a lot of these exercises in online videos. A great advantage about resistance training is that it needs a little amount of time of intense workouts to burn lots of calories. Make sure you consume a high protein diet to support your muscle development. Areas of muscle are less likely to develop fat later on.

3. Sleep Early

Lack of sleep, stress hormones and weight gain are all proportional.
Insufficient sleep increases the amount of cortisol, stress hormone, in your body which in its turn hinders you from losing annoying abdominal fat.

4. Upgrade Your Walking Routine

Playing with the pace of your walking will give you the best results out of it. Put on your headphones and speed up with every new song. Try walking uphill in a quick pace then walk down to recover, or incline your treadmill for a similar effect.

5. Do Planks and Practice with a Stability Ball

Crunches do not target all your ab muscles. In order to get more ab muscles moving, invest in a stability ball and look for exercises using it. Otherwise, stretch your body on the ground supporting yourself on your elbows and toes then plank from 30 to 60 seconds.

Quick Ways to Enjoy a Flat Belly

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