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The 5 Most Prominent Reasons Why You Are Always Feeling Sluggish and Exhausted

There are times when you feel sluggish and exhausted but it is not really that simple to treat or know why it even happens in the first place. It is not a thing that can be treated by merely getting some sleep or drinking some coffee. There are many elements that contribute to feeling that you lack energy, such as:

1- Dehydration is a serious reason for feeling sluggish and exhausted. It happens when water levels in your body become low. As a result, your body gives you that signal of feeling sluggish so that you would slow down so you would not lose more water in sweat. Dehydration is not to be taken lightly, so you should drink water more often.

2- Skipping on breakfast is also a basic reason for feeling sluggish and tired. Breakfast is the most important meal in the day since it comes after long hours without food. Make sure you have a healthy rich-in-nutrients breakfast daily.

3- Anemia is another common reason for feeling fatigued. It happens when the iron levels in your body become lower than they should be. Iron is important because it is the basic ingredient for making your blood cells, so it is natural to feel sluggish when you are short of iron. Liver, nuts, leafy green vegetables are rich in this important mineral.

4- Do not forget about the contribution of psychological elements in making you exhausted. Try to avoid things that build up stress. Moreover, try stress easing techniques like meditation, yoga or changing scenery.

5- Exercising is a good way for building stamina. Therefore, lack of exercise can make you feel exhausted quickly when doing almost anything. Build up your stamina and stay fit by exercising regularly. Also, exercising is one of the most successful techniques for fighting reason number 4 (stress).

Reasons Why You Are Always Feeling Sluggish and Exhausted

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