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5 Popular Recipes Made Healthier and with Much Less Fat

I always laugh when I see the picture from “The Sound of Music” movie with the comment: “Look at All the Food I Can’t Eat”. It is really true that when slashing calories from your food, you will have to give up so many wonderful recipes, like pizza, burgers, donuts, French fries and so many others.

But here I will prove to you that this does not need to be the case because you can make them and still slash away so many of the calories that were originally in them.

1- The white sauce so many people love in their pasta (some call it b├ęchamel) can be made much healthier. Instead of using flour and butter, use oatmeal, some milk and an egg. Just blend them all in a blender and cook them into a much healthier but similarly delicious white sauce.

2- Everyone loves donuts, but the thought of how many calories are in them and what they can do to your waistline scares people away. To make donuts healthier, either make them from a sponge cake batter and bake them in donut cake molds, or bake the donut dough instead of frying it. Glaze it with unsweetened chocolate melted with canola oil.

3- What makes pizza really unhealthy is the loads of fat and sodium in the toppings. Make the pizza sauce yourself at home and use as little salt as possible. Instead of the high fat cheeses and meats for the topping, use vegetables and goat cheese.

4- Who does not like French fries? However, rarely anyone eats them unless they have the burning abilities of a steam engine. With the new gadget actifry you can eat delicious French fries and fried chicken using a mere spoonful of oil.

5- Who would not like to have a burger sometime instead of slaving over the stove for hours making healthy food? Those who care about their weight do! However you can make the burger patties yourself with no fat and then freeze them for later use. When you need to make burgers, grill them with little canola oil or cook hem in your microwave with slices of tomatoes to keep them tender.

Popular Recipes Made Healthier and with Much Less Fat

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